Modern Day Life Can Impair Our Natural Sleep Cycle

August 16, 2017 |


Do you feel in tune with your body or do you feel out of whack when it comes to the logistics of your own sleep? As humans, we all have a circadian rhythm that is better known as a body clock. It’s a natural, internal system that is designed to regulate feelings of being awake and being tired during a 24-hour period. Controlled by the area of the brain that responds to light, it is the main reason people crave sleep when it’s dark out and feel energized when it’s light out.

Have you ever thought about how living a modern day life could interfere with how nature intended for you to sleep? From the long to do lists to the bright screens read day in and day out, are you connecting to how you rest on a daily basis? Many people are crawling into bed past midnight and waking up well before they have had a quality night of sleep. Mornings are filled with multiple alarm clocks, hitting the snooze button over and over again and a need to be caffeinated in order to get the day started. In this Youtube video,

 Jessa Gamble, a sleep expert, talks about the natural sleep cycle, the history behind the body clock and the importance of sleep.